NEDRI Spanstaal BV has in its 94-year experience in Europe and far beyond build an extraordinary position and reputation in the field of prestressing steel technology.
This expertise ensures durability and reliability in infrastructure projects, large industrial projects on-and offshore as well as the prestressed concrete elements industry.
Our dedicated staff, along with an agile QA forms the basis of the perfection of our products.

The alert quality management from NEDRI has been awarded with the Lloyds ISO 9001-2015 certificate for many decades and also since 2015 the Lloyds ISO 14001-2015 certificate.

Each customer is a global client!
The customer is the measure NEDRI uses. All products are tailored according to customer specifications. In short we are a dynamic and flexible company with a strict guideline: Working and acting customer-oriented. NEDRI feels responsible for his product starting from the order and including the optimal processing of the prestressing steel.

Efficiency through collaboration.
Through collaboration with WDI in Germany Nedri Spanstaal BV has built a leading position in the area of innovation and efficiency.