1925: Rössler Drahtwaren (Soest D) begins in Venlo a new site. The product program consists of galvanized wires, wire nails, mesh and low carbon wires for many different applications

1945: After the war the company became part of DEMKA, a steelproducer located in Utrecht

1952: Start with prestressing steel, both wires and strands

1969: Demka including NDI (Nederlandse Draadindustrie), becomes part of Hoogovens Groep, division HIT, (Hoogovens Industrial supplies)

1992: NDI achieves as the first prestressing steel producer the ISO 9002 quality certificate

1994: HIT-division is sold to private investment companies

1994: NDI acquires Thyssen Draht. The prestressing steels are being concentrated in Venlo the Netherlands and the other products in  Hamm Germany The name changes into NEDRI Spanstaal BV.

2003: The prestressing steel of WDI in Hamm becomes part of Nedri and the low carbon wires become part of WDI.

2011: The Pampus family (WDI, Westfälische Drahtindustrie) now owns 100% of the shares of Nedri Spanstaal B.V. See here the complete company movie.